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Exciting changes in our office. We now have computers and digital camers in all the rooms !! With the digital xrays the radiation exposure is much lower than traditional xrays.

We would like to welcome our newest member to our team "Lisa" (Dental Hygienist). You may have seen her before as she covered our other hygienist if they needed time off.

New Whitening product - "Venus White Ultra" professional strenght.

Prefilled trays you wear once a day for 30 - 45 minutes. You should have a brighter smile with in 7 days!! The trays are designed to mold securely around each tooth. This is much better than the strips which don't stay in place very well. Ask us about "Venus White Ultra" at your next appointment.


This is a new website from the American Dental Association. Patients can find info about, Oral health concerns by life stages from pregnancy through seniors, A-Z topics with videos, ADA Dental Symptom Checker, Tips and activites to make oral health care fun for the kids, plus much more.

Prize Drawing

We have suspended the drawing for now. If and when things go back to normal we start up the drawing again.

                                                                                               APRIL / JUNE DRAWING

Our lucky winner is Jill Struble  April / June for a pair of Rachel Ray Au Gratin bowls!!!

                                                                                               JANUARY DRAWING

The luck winner for January is April Kemp, for the Spalding Basketball and pump.

                                                                                               OCTOBER DRAWING

The winner of the October drawing is Barb De Busscher. She won a cooler with goodies inside. Enjoy!!

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