Dentist - Chesterfield
34301 23 Mile Rd
Chesterfield, MI 48047


$50 Get-Acquainted Exam

Offer includes comprehensive exam, x-rays, and an unhurried consultation with Dr. Rinke

$75 Children's Exam & Cleaning

Includes a dental examination, bitewing x-rays, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, and discussion of treatment options. For children 17 & under.

Above offers are for new patients only. One offer per patient.  Be sure to mention the offer when reserving your dental appointment.

Senior Discount

Are you at least  62 years young? If so, you will get a 10% on all dental services we do for you.

Referrals -

Refer a patient  - receive a DENTAL DOLLARS Certificate.  Redeemable for $25 towards Dental Services or Purchase of Products sold in our office.